Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Release 2.0.12

Today we updated BibSonomy to version 2.0.12. As always, the new libraries are at your disposal at our Maven repository. Next to various small bugfixes and internal restructuring the following features were included / updated:
  • File Upload: It is now possible to upload and attach several documents to one BibTeX-Post. Furthermore, the upload is enabled already in the posting dialogue as well as in the editing and detail views.
  • API: API-Requests for Tags now allow a new parameter, that specifies the order in that the tags are delivered. Currently, we support alphabetic order and order by frequency.
  • Date: We changed the behaviour of the dates of our posts. From now on, the date is set fix once the post is created and does no longer change with each update/editing of that post.
The next release (2.0.13) is scheduled for March 30th. If you have any feedback or comments regarding our new release, we would be happy to hear from you!


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