Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Release of BibSonomy Typo3 Plugin

In many corporate and academic environments, Typo3 is a widely used Content Management System. Because including publication lists and tag clouds from BibSonomy directly into Typo3-based web pages is a frequent requirement, we are offering a Typo3-Plugin for BibSonomy since quite some time. Basically it makes it easy very easy to display BibSonomy content in various formats. Here are some examples of pages created with this plugin:

We are now happy to announce a new version of this plugin, namely 2.0.7. It is basically a bugfix release, including some enhanced layout options (e.g. specifying the width of publication/tagcloud columns). We recommend all users of the plugin to update to this version. It can be downloaded from here:
An extensive documentation (including two quickstart sections how to include a publication list / a tag cloud in your Typo3-based website) is also provided. Finally, we are - as usual - happy about any feedback how we can optimize the plugin according to your needs!


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