Monday, September 17, 2007

myBibSonomy-Menu: Manage your Personal BibSonomy Data

After last week's short description of the new BibSonomy release's changes, this entry will explore one feature in detail: the menu under "myBibSonomy". Basically, this menu offers different perspectives to view and manage your personal BibSonomy data:

* Yep, clicking on the first link (myBibSonomy), you still get to see your bookmarks, publications and the tags you have used so far.

* myFriends allows to share entries with people you trust.

* myRelation presents all relations you have defined so far. You can add more, edit or delete relations as you like.

* The mySearch feature offers a fast search in your collection. You can specify tags and authors from a list containing your personal tags and authors. When you chose the "and" option, you can mark several tags and authors by pressing the CTRL button. The system will return all entries which can be found with the given tags and which were written by the specified authors. If you still want to reduce the results, you can filter the entries by entering the title's keywords, tags or authors in the "filter" textfield.

* myPDF forwards you to an overview of those personal publications to which you have attached a document (pdf, ps or DJVU).

* Finally, myDuplicates shows duplicate entries within your publication list.


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