Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Feature of the Week: New Release

Yesterday we had a major release which includes several new
functions. Beside some smaller changes and a change of the post
layout, it includes:
  • a new layout of the navigation menu. The search box on the right side
    was merged with the box on the left where you can now ask for: tags,
    users, concepts, authors, and search of any kind of text.
  • there are new menus under "myBibSonomy" and "Group". The myBibsonomy
    menu includes several old and new features like myFriends, myRelation,
    mySearch, myPDF, myDuplicates (the last three are new). The group menu
    lists all groups of which your are a member.
  • the possibility to include a user profile as FOAF (this feature is
    experimental and we will extend it in the near future). Have a look at
    the setting pages.
  • a new ranking of tags based on our FolkRank algorithm. A link to the
    FolkRank ordered result list is included in tag pages.
  • We added a new resize feature of boxes to make the edit of information
    more comfortable.
  • An EndNote import is now possible.

In the next weeks we will describe these new feature here in the blog in
more detail.

Yesterday's major release was the last release before we will merge the
running system and a totally new system which includes the promised API.
As mentioned in a comment today we hope that we can release the API next

I hope you like the new features and the new layout.


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