Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Release 3.1.0

Yesterday, we released BibSonomy version 3.10. This particular version marks the final milestone of our PUMA II Project. It includes several new features like

  • an editing history for posts
  • community posts - a new kind of publication or bookmark post that can be edited and improved by the community of all users, such that especially for publications the metadata can be completed or corrected
  • a complete overhaul of BibSonomy's group mechanisms, introducing group roles like group admin and group moderator, as well as a much easier way to request and to join new groups and to invite users
  • approved posts - users can now obtain the ability to approve the quality of a post's meta data and mark the post accordingly.
We also prepared the BibSonomy engine to create a joint search engine over all PUMA instances, such that PUMA users will be able to query all PUMA-instances at once instead of only their own.
We also improved our Pingback implementation, the sync api, and as always various scrapers.

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