Friday, November 22, 2013

Excluding tags with wildcards

Hello our dear BibSonomy fans,

in our post about the last Release, we mentioned better capabilities of  excluding tags in your searches with wildcard support. Here is an example of what that means and how you can use it:

Let's say you use tags like 'news_2013_09', 'news_2013_10', etc. for tagging news articles of certain months. Furthermore you add tags for the news content like for example 'insurance'. That topic might have occurred frequently in the news.
Furthermore you searched for a certain insurance, so you tagged websites and articles about insurances also with the tag 'insurance'.
Now, if you liked to search for your insurance inquiry, you would also get all the results in the news.

For a longer time, BibSonomy already supports excluding a single tag like 'news' by writing 'sys:not:news' your search query. However, that would be of no help for you in this case, because the tags include the month suffix.

With BibSonomy's new wildcard exclusion feature you can now write 'sys:not:news*' to exclude all the news related posts from your search.

Enjoy the new feature and happy tagging,

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