Friday, September 6, 2013

Conferator goes INFORMATIK 2013

Almost three years ago we presented the first version of Conferator, when we hosted LWA 2010 in Kassel.
Conferator is built on top of the RFID-based proximity sensing hardware developed by the SocioPatterns collaboration. This technology enables the collection of face-to-face contacts, which can be recalled later. Based on this information, for example, Conferator provides recommendations concerning interesting contacts. In addition, Conferator became a Ubicon application utilizing the Ubicon software platform.

During the last three years the system has been available at several conferences and events, for example, at LWA 2011, LWA 2012, and at ACM Hypertext 2011.
This year we are proud to make the system available at the INFORMATIK 2013 in Koblenz, for the partner conferences KI, MATES, eGov, ePart and Virtual Goods & ODRL.
We expect about up to 350 participants for whom the system will be available.

All these years, the Ubicon team of the Knowledge and Data Engineering group further developed the system to provide a better conferencing experience.
In the current version 2.5, which we specifically designed for INFORMATIK 2013, we concentrated on social network analysis features, data mining components, and performance optimizations.

Let us describe the key features of Conferator and invite you to use the system during INFORMATIK 2013:

  • Schedule: The schedule page enables a personalized view on the conference program.

  • Overview: The overview page provides a timeline of the Conferator interactions - including, for example, current tweets and BibSonomy posts.
  • Map: The map shows the conference locations and other participants.
  • My Contacts: The contacts page shows your own contacts throughout the conference.
  • People: On the people page, you can browse the list of Conferator participants of the conference, of your friends, persons who want to talk to you and your community members.
  • Recommender: Based on face-to-face contacts and talk information, Conferator features an interactive recommender for both participants and talks.

Happy conferencing & networking!

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