Friday, April 19, 2013

Feature of this Week: Document Preview Pictures

As posted quite some time ago, BibSonomy gives you the opportunity to upload one or more documents for your publication posts. Similar to the preview pictures for bookmarks, you can now also see preview pictures of your uploaded documents title page.

Voilà, this is how it looks like:

Often, one has still remembers the layout of the paper. Therefore the preview pictures can be really handy for finding out which of the documents is the one you have in mind when searching in your collection. A the icon is really small, hovering over it shows you a larger preview:

Preview pictures are only visible for people who are allowed to access the document. By default, this is only you.

You might wonder that uploading a new document, you only see a generic pdf document symbol. In that case, please be patient and check back the next day. BibSonomy works hard for you and creates the image overnight.

Happy tagging!

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