Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Release 2.0.17

Today we updated BibSonomy to 2.0.17. The publicly available libraries are available at our Maven repository.
As always the release included some internal restructuring and clean-up. We also included two new features:
  • The Hidden SystemTag: A tag that is visible only to you: sys:hidden:<mySecretTag>
  • OpenID Quicklinks: We added the three most frequently used OpenID providers as links to our sign-in page.
In August we'll take a (summer-) break from releasing. However, we are already busy developing new features including the restructuring of author and editor names.
We'll also continue to blog about BibSonomy features in our feature-of-the-week series during that time.

The next release is scheduled for September 2011.

Happy tagging!

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