Friday, January 29, 2010

Feature of the week: New Firefox-plugin released!

For some weeks now the first version of our BibSonomy-Firefox-Addon is available for Download.
This new feature integrates your BibSonomy bookmarks into your Firefox browser, thus offering comfortable use and storage of your bookmarks without visiting your BibSonomy account. You might also want to synchronize your list of local bookmarks with the ones in BibSonomy.
All you need to get started is the new plugin, your user name and your API-key as password.
  • The blue star button indicates whether or not a page is already bookmarked. Clicking it opens the dialogue for storing or changing the bookmark of the current web page.

  • To the left in your navigation bar you'll find the quick link to your BibSonomy page and the hide/show button for the sidebar.
    The sidebar displays the cloud or list of your bookmark's tags and your tag relations. Much like in BibSonomy bookmarks are retrieved by clicking on one of its tags or using the full-text search.

  • Our Addon is fully customizable and also allows to remove the standard yellow Firefox-Star-button from the browser. Moreover the settings feature the option to import your Firefox bookmarks into BibSonomy and vice versa.

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