Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feature of the week: Bibsonomy's new Layout

As you probably already noticed: BibSonomy got a new outfit. We will summarize how look & feel of your (still) blue social bookmark and publication sharing system has changed.

Little changed with respect to BibSonomy's menu navigation, though, due to extensive use of cascading style sheets (CSS), overall navigation is more consistent and obvious in comparison with the old layout.

Whenever a menu item is linked to a sub menu, a downward triangle is displayed left to the corresponding item. The main menu realizes tab-like navigation: While visiting a certain page, the corresponding menu item is displayed in the front.

Tag clouds
The picture above also shows the new tag cloud representation: The higher a tag's frequency, the bigger its font size and more intense its color.

List views
Each list view which shows publications as well as bookmarks offers the possibility to expand one of it's columns. This feature can be found on the top right:

Double column view is restored by activating the '|' link at the same place.

You can tag any post displayed by your own by clicking on the star on the right of the corresponding entry in a list view. A solid blue star indicates that you already tagged the resource.

Internationalization of BibSonomy is still in progress. Whenever available, different languages can be chosen by clicking on the corresponding flag at the top right corner.

...and all the rest
Not each element's new layout has been introduced here (e.g. the new groups listing, just to mention one). Have a look by yourself and enjoy BibSonomy's new layout.

Errors tend to happen, though we try our best to avoid them. If you encounter any incorrectly rendered elements, please let us now by sending an email (see our contact page for further details).


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