Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Release 2.0.15

Today we updated the running version of BibSonomy to 2.0.15. We also updated our publicly available libraries at our Maven repository. The new release mainly contains various small bug fixes and a great deal of internal clean-up. As we are continuing our efforts to increase speed we restructured and compressed all JavaScript content of the website.
The main visible improvements are:
  • An overhaul of the handling and display of dates, for example the way a publications date is displayed in post lists.
  • New options for the URL-paramter sortPage. By adding "?sortPage=note" to a BibSonomy URL you can order the displayed posts by their note. Other new options for sortPage are "day" and "month".
In this release we also included a lot of preparations for new features that are currently being developed and will be included in one of the next releases. Stay tuned!
The next release (2.0.16) is scheduled for June 29th. If you have any feedback or comments regarding our new release, we'd be happy to hear from you!

Happy tagging!