Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BibSonomy backup client available

A golden rule when working with computers is to never forget a regular backup of important data. For the case of your data (BibTeX entries and bookmarks) stored in BibSonomy, we are investing a lot of effort (regular database backups, replication databases, ...) on the server side to prevent data loss in any form, so basically you can sleep sound while we take care of your backup strategy.

However, the most trustworthy backup remains still the one that I have done on my own and the one that is stored on a computer of my choice. To support you in this task, we are happy to present you our brand new backup tool: It is available for download here (check the latest versio of the file bibsonomy-userbackup.zip):


It is written in Java and is based on our API. It basically
  • downloads all your Bibtex and bookmark data (or the public data of other users) to your computer
  • saves all data in a zip file
  • enables to restore the backed-up data from this zip file back into the BibSonomy account.
To test it out, follow these steps:
  1. unzip the .jar-file contained in the downlodable file (see above)
  2. if you do not yet have an API-key to access our API, you can obtain one here
  3. start the application on the command line by typing java -jar bibsonomy-userbackup.jar (Java needs to be installed on your system at this point)
  4. follow the instructions to back-up or restore your BibSonomy data
Please note that in the current status, all data is backed up except private PDF documents and private notes. We are working on including these as well, and we hope that the tool is already useful for you in its current status. If you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us.


Friday, February 8, 2008

Organize your view on collected resources

BibSonomy allows you now to navigate faster through your bookmarks and bibtex entries (see above option in the figure). A new feature is now integrated which offers you to navigate besides going to the next side also to the last side of your bookmark and bibtex collection.
A second option is pointed out at the bottom on the figure. You can choose the numbers of entries. The range is 5-10-20-50-100 and is also valid for bibtex entries.
Best, your BibSonomy Team