Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Release 2.0.42

Today we relased version 2.0.42 of BibSonomy. As usual, the new release brings features and improvements. This time there are:
  • new Scrapers for JStage and DeGruyter making it easy to add publication posts for publications from one of these pages.
  • In the settings, BibSonomy now allows managment of OAuth authorizations including the possibility to delete(revoke) single authorizations.
  • post lists in API responses can now be sorted by additional criteria
  • the API now has functionality to access preview pictures
  • A new footer for the website with links to many useful documentation and plugins.
  • The publication details page now has a new search box to search for a publication in external sources
Details follow in our feature of the week posts.

Happy Tagging!
Stephan and Jens

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Feature of the week: Tidy publication page

We've proud to present you the new publication page. The aim of the redesign was to create a tidy and easily accessible page, which presents the important information of a publication, its authors, and the user who saved the post.

Ok, let's have a look at the new page.

Tidy publication page

At the head of our new publication page you can find the title, authors, and other important information depending on the type of the publication next to the thumbnail of the post owner's profile picture.

If there is an abstract and/or a description, it is shown next, followed by Links and resources section where you can find the links and the BibTeX key.

The following section shows user comments and ratings (if anyone has reviewed or rated this publication), followed by a general view of the owner's tags of this post.

At the bottom of the page there is the familiar citation box.

Easily managing documents of a publication

One of the important modifications is the way of managing your private documents. If the post is your own, you find a placeholder image with a big plus at the right side of the content area. You can click on it to upload associated files, for instance the whole publication or several parts like indexes or charts.

For every uploaded document BibSonomy creates  a preview of the document's first page (supported for almost every file type). The latest uploaded document is shown first. If you have uploaded more than one document, BibSonomy displays squarish bullets under the previews to navigate between these. 
Below the bullets there is a list of all documents you've uploaded for this publication post. Which of the previews is currently shown is indicated by the blue vertical stroke left to the file name. The action icons right next to the file name allows you to rename (pen) and delete (cross) the file. The two other icons link to the document file (down arrow) or the document with an embedded QR code (QR). When you click on the file's name you are able to rename it.

We hope you'll like the new publication page that its modifications support you in your daily scientific work.

Happy tagging,

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feature of the week: Your Gravatar profile picture on BibSonomy

“Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site […]. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?”

On BibSonomy, you have the possibility to directly upload a profile image, which was shown in your post discussions and your CV page (see also this post).You might know this behavior from other websites as well. If you wanted to update your avatar picture on each account where you've set it, this might become a tedious task.

With the upcoming release, BibSonomy features Gravatar profile images in addition to directly uploaded pictures. So, you can use your image – once uploaded to – on a variety of websites, now also including BibSonomy!

Using Gravatar is quite easy. BibSonomy uses your email address to identify you at Gravatar and resolve your profile image from there:

Figure 1: The form in BibSonomy where you put your mail address

If you already possess a Gravatar account, and uploaded an image for the email address associated with this account, you only have to set the picture preferences at your SettingsPage of BibSonomy to use Gravatar instead of a locally uploaded image:

Figure 2: You can easily change the source of your avatar picture on your settings page.

Otherwise, you need to register at in advance and add an image for the email address you use for BibSonomy:

Figure 3: Associating your BibSonomy mail address with your Gravatar account.

In each case, BibSonomy now will apply your Gravatar image for the CV and everywhere else:

Figure 4: The profile picture, being served by Gravatar.

Have fun with your new image & Happy tagging!
Torbjörn Cunis