Thursday, April 9, 2009

FOW: Publication details

Before leaving for a bycicle trip along the Weser river :-), I'd like to point your attention to a recent change in the presentation of a user's publication details.

Different features were included to make the metadata more representable. At the page's beginning, users can select different citation formats (e.g. Harvard, DIN1505) to represent the reference.

The next sections have only slightly changed. You can enter a link to the publication's provider, or upload a private copy of the document in question in the Resources section. The Abstract and Private Note section allow you to store informational and personal information. Finally, metadata can be changed or enhanced in the BibTex and Endnote record fields.

The sidebar gives the option to edit your tags. Additionally, tags that have been associated with this publication are shown. Those tags, that have been added by yourself, are underlined. To find out who else is interested in this publication, have a look at the related users.

If you wish to include a specific citation style, miss an important feature related to your publication metadata or have a brilliant idea how to further organise this page,
please contact us.

Happy easter!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feature of the Week: New Color Scheme

As users keep complaining about BibSonomy's choice of color, we decided to switch to our new neutral color theme.

Using statistics, datamining techniques and linear optimization, we determined a set of colors which minimizes the number of mails concerning BibSonomy's design. The resulting color set is dominated by a pleasing grey, which should fit everybody's needs.

Due to acquired habits, we continue to call BibSonomy the 'blue social bookmark and publication sharing system'.