Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feature of the week: clouds

Looking out of the window, I can see the visible mass of condensed droplets or frozen crystals that are so typical for a German sky in autumn. Consistent to the weather, this week's feature is about clouds. In BibSonomy (and other collaborative tagging systems), clouds reflect the common vocabulary of the system's user. It's fun to occasionally viewing BibSonomy's cloud to get an overview of what other people liked. When hitting the cloud link, you may have realized some layout changes. Also, the computation of the tag cloud changed. We now exclude predefined tags such as imported, and only consider those tags that have been used by more than 10 different users. Small changes, which hopefully make a difference.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Feature of the week: status update

Sorry for the sparseness of our "features of the week", we were traveling, on holiday and implementing new features. We will describe new features in the next weeks in more detail. I will give you a short overview today:
  • Links to documents attached to publication posts are now included in the API's XML (including the MD5 hash of the file!).
  • BibSonomy now supports OpenID.
  • A new popular page and an updated tag page.
  • Logging of click events in the web interface. This is for research purposes, e.g. to better evaluate tag recommenders. You can disable this on the settings page.
  • We're currently working on an open tag recommendation interface to allow interested researchers to evaluate their recommenders right inside BibSonomy.
  • We will shortly make the code of our scrapers publicly available and since today provide a simple web service which allows to use the scrapers independent of BibSonomy.
  • A new version of the Java client library is available. We also published the corresponding JavaDoc.
  • And last but not least: numerous bugfixes went into the new releases.

So we're looking forward for the next weeks to explain new or updated features and also to new features we will release shortly. There are some interesting things in the pipeline!