Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feature of the week: GoogleSonomy - A Firefox addon to enhance your BibSonomy Search

GoogleSonomy is the name of our new Firefox extension. As you can see in the screenshot below it shows you BibSonomy search results along your Google search. You can retrieve four different lists of BibSonomy posts for a google query. Those are tag and fulltext search, each on a global or a user base.

In the settings dialog you can specify which lists you want to retrieve and how many entries should be displayed each time. Furthermore you can set your BibSonomy user name and choose a default search mode.

To obtain this extension visit Mozillas Addon Page. Unfortunately you need to be a registered user to install GoogleSonomy because it is like any other new firefox extension in an experimental state. Only with some reviews from users we can achieve our aim to get this extension in the public download area of Mozillas download page. So we would appreciate your effort.

If you want to save pains just use this link to install GoogleSonomy in your Firefox web browser.

If you have suggestions how to improve GoogleSonomy or if you found any bugs, please let us know.